A card received a heart warmed!

On Friday last (February 18th) I had the privelege of baptizing a young girl in Monasteraden.  She’s seven and will, in a few weeks time celebrate her First Confession and a few weeks after that receive her First Holy Communion.  I have known her and her family for a number of years.  We had planned on a baptism before but for a variety of reasons it did not happen at the time.  The family asked me to go back to the parish to baptize her and the priests of the parish were kind enough to facilitate that.  I went into the church and she walked towards me and handed me a card which I put in my pocket.  It was so strange to have the one being baptized walking around, chatting and smiling.  She was so happy.

It was a lovely celebration of baptism – made all the more special because of the sincerity of her listening and watching.  Her dad gently lifted her, as I’m sure he’s done many times, and held safely in his arms, we watched as the Water of Baptism trickled back into the font from her long dark hair.  She was baptized – full of Faith and joy.  It was truly a Spiritual moment.

Later in the day, I opened her card and was really taken by her words.  They were so childlike, trusting and sincere.  I can be a hoarder of things, though I’ve started shredding a bit, but I’ve decided this card is a keeper!

God bless you Kitty Mae Regan – may you bring to others the joy you so obviously received and wllingly shared on Friday last.

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