A few words shared

Today we had Mass in Kilmovee.  We remembered there Joe Smyth, a former teacher and Community Man who was an inspirational figure, leaving quite a legacy behind.  In recent years a Summer School, named in his memory, has taken place in the parish.  It begins this week and we had a special remembrance at our Parish Mass for Joe and a prayer of blessing for the days to come.  I decided to record a few bits from the Mass, including the few words I shared.   This weekend’s Gospel speaks of the Lord sending out his disciples “in pairs” and encourages them to recognise people who make them welcome.  I’ve been thinking about that in recent days.  The Gospel speaks as well about the “rejoicing” of the disciples.  I am going to include the few words here, they are not scripted but hopefully reflective of what I wanted to say. Maybe they have something to say to you, perhaps not.  Either way, I’m going to share ….

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  1. I don’t know how difficult it was to share your words from Sunday’s mass here but I must say it was quite moving. As a frequent visitor to your blog it is something I would truly look forward to seeing (or should I say hearing)more often. For those of us not in proximity to attend your liturgies it is a wonderful way to connect. To hear the spoken word can stir the soul at times in ways unique and different than the written word, and there’s a lot to be said for it. Please consider it more in the future. Thank you for your ministry.

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