A Living Word April 14th

As we enter the days of the Triduum, a few reflections around letters exchanged between Jesus and some of the central characters of the Holy Week Story.  Based on previous pieces posted on this blog and adapted for Radio, these are featured during Holy Week on “A Living Word”, produced by Aidan Mathews and aired during “Rising Time” on RTE Radio 1 at 6.15am.

Today’s reflection is based around the Centurion at the foot of the Cross, the one who came to recognise Jesus and accept him at the very moment of His death on the Cross.  The recognition may have been at that moment but it came as the result of witnessing a remarkable journey, maybe even struggle … there is also a short response from Jesus, based around his final words “It is accomplished”

A Letter from the Centurion and Jesus’ reply

Holy Week Letters

Thanks for sharing this journey over the days.  Thanks also to Aidan Mathews and RTE Radio for the opportunity to share these few reflections.  I hope you enjoyed them and I hope they had some part to play in your Holy Week 2017 journey.

Peace to you always,



  1. Thank you so much, Father Vincent, for such inspiring words on The Living Word last week. I will hold on to them to share with others and to play again next year during Holy Week. My wife was moved by them also and so was a new friend I met recently at our local Friary chapel.

    • Thanks Dermot, I appreciate your feedback. Wondered how many people heard them! It’s an early start on RTE but was happy to be able to include them here. Blessings to you, your wife and Friary friend. Vincent

      • Wasn’t expecting so quick a reply. I am going to ask Mr. Matthews, at RTE if he would do a ‘play back’ of them at the weekend so that more people would hear them. I believe your words present a wonderful opportunity now to reflect on the events of Holy Week. I’m going to suggest this to the Guardian at our local Friary.
        I am new to all this new technology and can’t work out yet how transfer your words to my phone so would it be possible to email me hard copy of your talks? If I have them I can give a copy to all members of my family and friends.

        Many, many thanks.

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