A lovely night

Last night I was back on familiar ground once again – St Aidan’s Church, Monasteraden for a concert with The Mayo Concert Orchestra.  A fundraiser, to help with refurbishment of the church, it was so well attended.  I was proud to see so many people there and delighted that they all enjoyed the night as much as I.  I recorded one or two clips and include this one since it is a song I love, sung by two sisters and good friends of mine (Una O’Gara and her sister Sr Evelyn Horan).  I didn’t ask their permission to record or publish but, as they say, it can be easier to get forgiveness than permission.  Well done to all involved in preparing for last night’s concert and to Mayo Concert Orchestra and soloist Ronan Egan for a lovely night.  They will be with us in Urlaur Church on December 17th so you might think about joining us.

and another clip (same terms and conditions as previous video – forgiveness rather than permission!!) of Ronan Egan, with the Orchestra, singing Panis Angelicus.

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