A quick thought in a roundabout way …


I met a priest last night and, in conversation, we mentioned a nun from home who works in Philadelphia. She is Sr Marguerite O’Beirne, OSF.  I wasn’t sure where she worked or what order she belongs to.  I knew she was one of the Franciscan Family as is he.

so what do you do?

I looked up Google today and found her instantly! I got her number and we just had a long overdue chat.  That was good.  I’m glad I called.

you said something about a Quick Thought”?

That’s right …. and in a roundabout way!

Do tell!

In searching for her I came across a piece about her meeting a former student who had been injured in an accident over thirty years ago.  The Sister from home, who was Principal of her High School at the time. arranged a Basketball Game as a fundraiser for her.  A well known Female Basketball Player, Anne Donovan, from New Jersey agreed to be part of this.  They raised over $10,000 to help the student and her family through that difficult time.

Twenty-nine years later they met to recall the event and to acknowledge the role of the Basketball Player.  Anne Donovan addressed the students and spoke of her faith.  She concluded by advising the students to focus on life, have a sense of purpose and to nourish their faith.

and this is the thought (found in a round about way!!)

She then shared the five traits that she believes makes a person successful, not only in sports but in life: fortitude, attitude, integrity, trust and humility. It’s no accident, she explained, that the first letters of those qualities spell “faith.”

“Have your faith in your pocket and just go for it,” she concluded.

I liked that!

“Have your faith in your pocket and just go for it”

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