A tune

I love music and thought I might add a song here in honour of St Patrick’s Day. It’s one of my favourite songs and I used it at Mass. It’s written by a Meath man, Dick Farrelly (R.I.P.) and tells something of the emigrant’s ability to connect with home, even when far removed from the people and memories of the past.

The closing lines are among my favourites:

“The ones I love around the turf fire gathered
on bended knees a Rosary is told”

I think the word “told” is wonderful. It’s such a wonderful understanding of the Rosary that, through its mysteries, tells the story of our faith in Jesus Christ.

If there’s a definitive version of this song, I think it could well be found in my native county and the voice of Tommy Fleming.  I think its an amazing version of a meaningful song.  Enjoy!

Happy St Patrick’s Day.

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