A week on …

Last week I had the good fortune to spend a bit of time with priests from the Diocese of Killaloe on their Diocesan Retreat.  Held in Knock, it was local enough to me and I had the chance to go home a few times during the days. That said, I was happy to be with these men and to share a bit of their journey.

I had the chance to meet up with some priests I'd have known since Seminary days and others that I've had the chance to work with through the years.  I was especially happy to meet there, Bishop Willie Walsh - retired Bishop of Killaloe - a man for whom I've great admiration.  He brought a lot to the gathering and, as said, I was glad to see him there.

In many ways a Diocesan Retreat is a good chance to look at the road being travelled, to recognise some of the blind spots on that road but also to rejoice in some of the glorious views and opportunities the road affords us.  I'd like to think we did just that.

Following the few days, I was happy to be back again in Kilmovee.  Having talked about diocesan priesthood, prayed a little about it, it was good to "live" it and be among people again who share and struggle, enliven and enrich - people who make a difference in my life.

Buiochas le Dia.


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