Another word

Today’s Gospel is a powerful encounter between Jesus and the woman met by the side of a well. There’s a wonderful exchange between them and a deepening of friendship and awareness of one another.

Strikes me that had the woman cut the conversation short and said no more after Jesus asked for a drink of water, the conversation would not have developed to a point where the woman came to recognise the real possibility that she was in the presence of the Messiah.  “I am he”, he told her but I think even before that, she had come to that realisation herself.

There’s a message in here, I think, about not writing off the possibility of encountering the Lord in our lives, not least through our willingness to enter into conversation with Him.

There's nothing to be gained in rash judgements

"Call your husband", he told her "I don't have a husband", she replied.  "You spoke the truth there", said Jesus, "for though you've had five, the one you are with now is not your husband"

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