Better to light a candle …..

20160202_103641-1Earlier today, at 10am Mass in Kilmovee, we blessed candles for Candlemus Day.  There were a few extra people there, to mark the feast of The Lord’s Presentation in the Temple.  I was happy to see them.  A few brought candles to be added to our church’s supply, placed before the Altar for blessing.  It’s a nice tradition, whereby people bring candles to be blessed – some for use in the church and others to be brought home and used there throughout the year.

Just before going down to Mass, i picked up a small candle holder in the house and put it in my pocket.  Somewhere, in the back of my mind, I thought I’d make use of it but wasn’t sure when or how.  I left it on the middle of the Altar and when we blessed the candles, I took one and lit it, then I placed it in the little holder on the middle of the Altar.  There, needless to say, it stayed.  (No “moving candles” in Kilmovee, thank God:) )

After Holy Communion I turned off all the lights in the church and quenched the candles – except one – the one blessed and lighted earlier in the Mass.  I sat down and heard myself singing “How Great Thou Art” – it seemed so appropriate.  I said a few words around the light in this single candle, drawing us towards its flame and warmth. When other distractions are taken away, the one point of focus is the “Light – the Light of Christ” and I prayed that we might allow ourselves be caught in its invitation to come and worship and recognise, in its simplicity, something of the Divine.

Maybe that’s what happened for Simeon and Anna!

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