Corpus Christi 2010

As in many parishes throughout the country and indeed world, we had a Corpus Christi Procession today (June 6th).  It took place after the 10am Mass in Kilmovee and was a simple affair, well organised by those more familiar with the parish than I.  Thanks to them all.  Thanks also to the First Communion Class who took part in the procession and added their own colour and goodness to the occasion.  I asked a parishioner if she’d take a few photos with my camera and she did.  The results are below …. The accompanying music is “There is a place” by Liam Lawton.

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  1. Rosaleen Donoghue

    Hi Father Vincent. Hope your keeping well. Thought I’d drop you a message to compliment your great work in Kilmovee, as per usual it is with such great interest and consideration to all those around you. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the video and all the children looked very well. U shone brightly too. I have photographs of Rebecca of her First Holy Communion that i must send onto you. Will get all that done once i get my summer holidays. Don’t forget us, call in sometime and have a cuppa tea. Will be in touch, regards, Kieran Rosaleen, James Michael and Rebecca

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