The days have gone well.  Since last post, I’ve had the privilege of baptizing seven children in the Cathedral of St Agnes on Sunday last.  It was a lovely celebration and great to see so many people there.  One of the children was named “McGregor” (first name!!) and I did offer the parents the opportunity to change their minds but they declined:)  In fairness his other name was Stephen so we’re okay!  There was a a Featherstone among the children baptized and that name linked me with my mother’s cousins, Teresa and Kay and the Featherstone family.  I asked the people if they knew their Irish connection but they didn’t.  I said that my cousins were often called “Feathers” rather than Featherstone and they said it was the same for them among the family.

St Agnes’ Cathedral, Rockville Centre,

Later that evening I met a priest from Galway Diocese who is doing a temporary spell in a New York Parish.  We met near Times Square where I met some interesting “characters”


The “not so real” Vincent and Donald

Along the way I stopped to watch a man (the not so little Drummer Boy, perhaps!!) beating out the rhythm on a collection of buckets and pans.  It was a wonderful sound.  Suddenly a little child decided to join in – a lovely moment

After spending a bit of time with my priest friend I headed to the Theatre again – this time to see “School of Rock”.  I’d been assured it was very good and have to agree.  No more than the child on the street corner, the stage was filled and alive with the talent of children and adults but the children, in many ways, stole the show. Really glad I went.

On Monday I celebrated the Funeral Mass of the mother of my cousin’s wife.  The family lives in Rockville Centre and, over the years, I’ve had the joy of celebrating the wedding Masses of two of the daughters and a niece.  It was the grandmother of these three that had died and I was pleased to be asked to celebrate her Funeral Mass.  We went to St Mel’s Parish, Flushing (Queens) for the Funeral and I met another wonderful priest there, Fr Gerard, who could not have been any more welcoming.  After the burial we went for lunch and later that afternoon I caught a train to New York where I was happy to meet with two friends from Maynooth days. It’s so good to be able to spend time with friends.  As if I need reminding, that’s the reason I like to come here.

I had lunch yesterday with two of the staff (one now retired) who have constantly been kind and supportive of me through the years.  We usually try to meet up at some point during my stay and yesterday was that point. I was happy to have the bit of time with them.

That’s more or less it – hours now rather than days to home time.  Lots of good memories to bring with me and lots of good days to look ahead to at home.


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