Daily Lenten Thought February 13th

Four days at this!  Not sure it’s reaching out but maybe it’s reaching in!  Chances are that’s what we need to do during Lent – reach in so that we can more effectively reach out.

Why do we do the things we do?  Is it for recognition? Possibly at times.  Vanity?  Alas, equally probable.  Should that be the case and the only reality, in truth we should stop.  I should stop …. I’m hoping it’s not the only reality.

I like to think these words go somewhere.  The hope is they might have a meaning when strung together that allows a little room for thought.  Neil Diamond has a nice tune that goes “Leave a little room for God, as you’re going through your day, leave a little room for God, you know he won’t get in your way”.  Maybe that’s what these words are about.  Leaving a little room …

Room for what?  Room for whom?  Space for you and me.  If we’re doing something sort of worthwhile, and hurting nobody in the doing, then chances are we’re on the right road.

So, the thought for this Lenten Saturday.  Don’t lose heart!  Keep doing what you believe in and the rest will fall into place.

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