Daily Lenten Thought February 17th

“There’s something greater than Jonah here”

The link between Old Testament and Gospel is particularly obvious in today’s Scripture Passages at Mass.  Jonah making his three day trek across Nineveh, calling on all people to repent.  The message reaches the King, who upon hearing it, gets up from the throne, removes his royal attire and puts on sackcloth and sits in ashes. He then calls on all people to do likewise.  He believes God is truly speaking to the the people and that the call to and need for repentance is very real.

In the Gospel passage Jesus reminds people of this and says that the generation has become fickle.  All they want are signs and wonders. The “only sign” he tells them is the sign of Jonah.  He reminds his listeners that people reacted in a powerful and humble way to Jonah’s message and that somehow the people of his day (and ours too) does not seem to hear the message in its entirety.

Leadership is on the tongues of many now, as they seek our votes to elect a new Government.  Leaders too, need to be aware of God’s call and message.  Irrespective of where they worship or whether or not they worship, there’s a need to realise “there’s something greater than Jonah here”. Leaders too need, like the King in Nineveh, to have a deeply rooted awareness that there’s a story before them and a Power above them. We pray for good, effective leaders who inspire us and remain open to inspiration.

The “buzz word” of the present campaign is “economy” but there’s more to an ecomony than the “sign”, the “at-times dangerous sign” of money.  It’s about the best in, for and through people.


Imelda May taps into this two-fold existence of pride and humility in her lovely song “Proud and Humble”. Enjoy!

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