Daily Lenten Thought February 20th

Yesterday I went to visit some parishioners in hospital. On my way home I came on the scene of a serious accident.  Emergency services were there and some shocked passers-by.  Sadly one man had lost his life and two others were being removed by ambulance to hospital. I asked if I could be of any help and said a prayer and offered a blessing at the car of the man who had died.  May he rest in peace.  I spoke with one of the others as he was placed in the ambulance and came away from it all, shaken and very saddened.  My heart and thoughts remain with all involved, especially the families who received such bad news last evening.  I pray they find much and lasting support through family and friends.

It is so frightening to think of the darkness and heartbreak a split second can bring to  all of us who use the road.

I felt very much too for the Gardaí, Fire Service, Paramedics and Doctors who attend these tragic and heartbreaking scenes.  It strikes me that their work is often very much taken for granted.  I know I certainly take it for granted and perhaps that’s the thought for the day.

Say thanks to these people.  They do our country “no small service”.

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