Daily Lenten Thought February 22nd

A rock with roll!

Today we celebrate the Feast of The Chair of St Peter.  Setting aside the Lenten purple, white vestments are worn and the Gloria is prayed. A Feast Day of our church.

“Who do the crowds say I am?”, Jesus asked his travelling companions.  A few answers and suggestions!  Then Peter found the words – “You are the Christ”.  He was through to the next round!!

The Christ calls Peter the “rock” and says that it is on this rock the church is to be built.

What a rock!  There’s a word in the ether today that may or may not gain traction in coming days “whingers”.  Peter could take his place in their midst.  “What about us?” he asked.  “You will never wash my feet”, he protested.  “Even if all deny you I never will”, he assured “The Christ” and within hours was saying “I DO NOT know the man”.

He’s a rock with roll, you might say.  Words might sometimes get confused and decisions might be flawed but what makes him worthy of the trust of Jesus is his sincerity and desire to be close to The Lord. He even had a go at walking to him across stormy waters.  He wept too, as did Jesus, and that’s a good sign of a man – to be able to show emotion, recognise the error and try and try and try again.

It’s a Feast Day worth celebrating and a foundation stone to be proud of.

“A rolling stone”, as they say “gathers no moss”

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