Daily Lenten Thought February 27th

The count is on!

Keeping an eye and ear on the election results.  Have heard of some losses and some gains – joys and pains.

I think it’s a tough game.  It’s not easy to put yourself in front of your own people and seek their support.  All the “promised” votes certainly don’t materialise and disappointment follows.  At day’s end there is hurt and disappointment for the candidate and his or her family.

To be honest, there are some that I’ve not much grá for but I still think everyone deserves to be left with dignity.  So gloating, in my opinion, should not be an option.  People have spoken in the privacy of the polling booth and verbal put downs are an un-necessary road to travel now.

We hope that something positive comes from all of this and that a Government will be formed that respects the people who put it in office.

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