Daily Lenten Thought March 10th

Today the 32nd Dáil assembles in Dublin for the first time.  A Ceann Comhairle has been elected by secret ballot.  His role, a crucial one, seeks to oversee discussions that take place and decisions that will be taken during the lifetime of the Dáil.  He is “speaker” or “chairman of the council” and no doubt will have some difficult and tense moments in that role.

We need someone to put shape on things and situations in life.  Who do we look to for guidance?  Are we truly willing to accept that guidance?

Is Christ the “ceann comhairle”? Is his word final?

As we look at the makeup of the new Dáil we cannot but see the diversity therein. Please God this will be a good thing.  We need people of honour and commitment who bring to the table the needs and hopes of those who elected them.  It is crucial that our government in its very diversity recognises the diversity of people in the country and not allow its agenda be drawn from any particular geographical or ideological starting point. It’s interesting that it’s the 32nd Dáil in this centenary year.

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