Daily Lenten Thought March 1st

I began yesterday with “I wondered” and today with “I’m wondering?”

  • I’m wondering who is reading these words?
  • I’m wondering why?
  • I’m wondering is it a waste of time?
  • I’m wondering!
  • I’m wondering why I don’t wonder more?
  • I’m wondering why more of us don’t wonder?
  • I’m wondering what’s left to wonder at?
  • I’m wondering!
  • I’m wondering does God wonder?
  • I’m wondering does the church wonder?
  • I’m wondering does the government wonder?
  • I’m wondering!
  • I’m wondering if I can keep doing this?
  • I’m wondering if there’s a need?
  • I’m wondering whose the need is?
  • I’m wondering!
  • I’m wondering what is wonder?
  • I’m wondering what comes next?
  • I’m wondering what’s the next word?
  • I’m wondering.
  • At least, I suppose it has to be said and is fair to say:
  • I’m wondering!

At day’s end, maybe “WONDER” is as good as it gets!  One of the Gifts of The Holy Spirit – “WONDER AND AWE IN GOD’S PRESENCE.

So, the thought for today – be thankful for wonder!



  1. I read it Vincent and enjoy it!

  2. I would miss your blog as I have
    Been a constant reader since you started. Your daily reflections since Ash Wednesday are very inspiring and I say “Thank you” for taking time out of a busy life to keep it going.

    • Ah no, the Blog is safe!! Too much instability in Ireland just now. Couldn’t risk any more:) Thanks for your kind words and visits.

  3. V, ..” Blog” over tweets wins hand down! ………..wonder no more…except at life’s wonders…Thank for your inspiring thoughts as always …..They have helped many friends and colleagues over the years, especially Feb. 24th’s thought!!!

    God bless ………………..Kitty & Roger

  4. I like your wondering

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