Daily Lenten Thought March 8th


A common happening! We can be so slow to involve ourselves in events, situations and people’s lives. There is, all too often , the feeling that someone else will do it. Sometimes this is the case. Alas sometimes, not!

We need at times to name names, assign tasks, put the shoulder (maybe even “my” shoulder) to the wheel. This is the only way the task in hand will be tended to. It is the only way the job will be done.

The apostles decided, in the earliest days of Church, that the task was too much for them. The demands were many and varied, the time was pressured and ill-fitted the needs. What did they do? They prayed, they talked, they gathered the believers and they sought help. They named names, assigned tasks and saw to it the work would be done.

It’s a lesson for our time too. We must listen to one another. Hearing what is really being said is crucial. Help is essential and the vital ingredient of help is the helper.

Maybe it’s you. Do you, at times, think somebody else is doing it? Maybe you are right but maybe too, you are wrong. If something needs doing, it should be done and not left to chance.

Looking around the parish, do you see things that need doing? Do you sometimes lament that not more is happening? Do you , in honesty, involve yourself or settle for leaving it to others?

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  1. V………..fond memories of Mary Corcoran!,…. quote ” If something needs doing ,……. do it”………….K&R

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