Daily Lenten Thought March 9th

“Let sleeping dogs lie”

This is a photo of Alpha – my dog and “good friend”!  I’m not sure about him being my best friend but we get on fairly well most of the time.  The little caption isn’t really as much to do with the photograph as maybe a bit of advice for the day – sometimes we might do well to let sleeping dogs lie.  Digging up, rooting out, dwelling on bad memories or feelings may serve only to hurt us and others in the long run.  The sleeping dog has his place.

A second thought around dogs …. It’s not original but heard a man speak once about the Religious Examiner visiting a school.  The teacher relied heavily on three girls in the class to answer any questions of a religious nature and knew that any of them would be well able to meet, head on, any issues the priest might care to surface.  She wasn’t ready for the priest’s selection though and he turned to a young lad in the class called Tony and asked him to stand up.  The teacher feared the worst and remembered Tony, on another occasion, finding “four” Gods in the Trinity.  Just as the priest began to speak, Tony made reference to the dog he could see on the front seat of the priest’s car.  The story goes that the priest left aside his text book, looked at Tony and asked “Did Jesus have a dog Tony”.  “No”, came the reply “because if he had it would have been with him on Calvary”.

We’re told the boy went home with the prize for the best answer.  The three girls went home feeling there was “no justice in religion”.

Tony was on the button – the “friend” in the dog would have brought him to Calvary.

The thought for today – how far will we travel for our friends?

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