Daily Lenten Thoughts March 23rd


Linked with Judas’ imminent betrayal of Jesus and the “watchers” in the crowd who looked for an opportunity to bring Jesus down.  It’s a day to reflect a bit on gossip and spitefulness.  Having reflected on them, perhaps, a day to set them aside.

There’s an old rhyme I picked up somewhere along the way.  Maybe it has a place in our Lenten Journey and it’s today’s thought …

“There’s so much bad in the best of us

and so much good in the worst of us;

it ill becomes any of us

to talk about the rest of us …..”


Here’s a link to an older post and a reflection around letters exchanged between Judas and Jesus …..

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  1. Dear Fr Vincent.

    Wising you a very Happy and Blessed Easter from all the family.

    Thank you for your lovely Lenten Reflections – some sad, some funny but always thoughtful and true.

    I wondering and wondering and wondering why I can’t wait to log on to your Blog every day !!

    I think now I know – sometimes the TV News about what is happening in the world is too sad to keep watching so …… I go to your Blog and my mind becomes more calm and cheerful.

    Keep up the good work !!

    Sheila x x

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