Dog on the run!

“I didn’t push him … honestly I didn’t”

I met Andy Moran briefly today and realised I’ve not posted anything here since before the All-Ireland Final.  I was, of course, disappointed Mayo did not win, but not to the point of never writing again!!

Last Thursday night I went to get something from the boot of my car and Alpha noticed the “open door” and took to his (whatever dogs take to) heels??  I followed him, knowing that he’d come back but not sure when.  We met each other briefly beside the church but he felt it wasn’t time to come home just yet.  “It’s not often I get out here without a lead and I’m not just ready to go back yet”!!  Though I understood his quest for a bit of freedom it was nearly 1am and I thought it was time to close down.  I called him gently “Come home you clown” but he seemed less than inspired by that!  From experience, I knew that if I went to the sacristy that he’d realise in time, “You know Sherlock isn’t that bad after all so I’ll wander in and see how he’s doing”.  I was ready. Well, I thought I was.

When I heard the pitter-patter of Alpha Feet I positioned myself behind the door so that I could close it when he came in, put on his lead and retrace our steps homeward.  In he came, I stretched to close the door and tripped …..

A week and dislocated shoulder later it’s still very vivid to me!!

Just renewed the licence for one year!! Could have gone “lifetime”

Ironically the request to renew Alpha’s licence came in the post two days later.  I looked at it for a while, then I looked at him and thought, “What’s another €20?” so he’s with me still.  Wouldn’t have it any other way.

So writing has been a bit slow but stick with me!!

It’s been a “ruf” week 🙂



  1. Marian Schneider

    Feel better soon, I saw picture on twitter post and was wondering what happened. I hope Alpha stayed with you after you fell. I guess you can’t trick him.☘️

  2. Oh noooo
    Alpha looks like he lives up to his name

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