Faces in the crowd, places on the journey

Spent a bit of time again in Rockville Centre.  Always enjoy visiting there.  Didn’t travel too much but met a few good people along the way.  Among those I met, Andy and Chris, Elizabeth and Joe, Noelle, Tom, Neil and Maeve – met two priests from home, Pat and Conor, a friend from Maynooth days, Denis.  I met my aunt in Richmond and her cousin Pat.  Had the chance there to connect again with a family I’d not seen for some years and that was very pleasant.

Among the places, I walked The Highline in New York.  Very impressive – an old railway track that has been developed into a lovely walk that overlooks parts of New York.  I also spent a bit of time in (and said a prayer for family and friends) in the re-furbished and breath-taking St Patrick’s Cathedral.  Visited the Whitney Museum and walked through five floors of art – some of it I appreciated more than I understood some of the other pieces.  Had a few lovely meals along the way.  I met Anita from Collooney on her way home after a stint here on the J1 Visa.  Good to catch up.  I celebrated Mass in The Cathedral of The Sacred Heart, Richmond, Virginia and had two seven hour bus trips (to and from Richmond).

I enjoy meeting people I know and meeting a few I didn’t.  That’s always good.  All the while, I kept in touch with home and that’s very important to me too.  The heart is there! I met Gerry and his family in New Hyde Park and Nancy and Caroline there too.  Caught up with Kay from Mullaghroe and her family.

Didn’t make it to Boston this time but spoke to the people I would have met had I gone there.  All good, thank God.

Met some very good people in Rockville Centre – the priests of the parish, the staff of the rectory, cathedral and parish office.  Enjoyed good food from the resident chefs and, sadly, lost no weight!!  Met two priests I’d not met before – one just ordained.  What a refreshing young man, full of life and enthusiasm. God bless him and it.  Also a Franciscan who was working, like me, for a few weeks in the parish.  Enjoyed meeting him a lot.  He has a collection of birds that travel with him.  Their sound was strangely soothing.  I can’t see myself getting a cage (don’t panic Alpha!!) but it was different.

Going to add a few photos now.  You might recognise a face or a place. If you do, all well and good, if not – no harm done either.  If you’ve read these few lines, the photos might make more sense!!

and a few more!!

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And the last word (or notes) to the birds!!

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  1. Hi Fr Vincent. Sounds like you are having a good (and busy) time. Lovely photos. Enjoy and take some sunshine back to the Emerald Isle !!!n

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