Farewell – Heading to “oceans” new

Fr John McCarthy

Fr John McCarthy is one of the priests here at St Agnes’ Cathedral.  We share an Ordination Date (though a good few years between the two!!  He was ordained three years ago).  John spent about twenty years in the US Navy before deciding to become a priest.  He believes his vocation came through his work with the Navy and that it was there he should minister.  He has spent three years in this parish and will, in the early days of September, resume his life with the US Navy but this time as a chaplain.  I wish him every happiness and blessing.  He’s a good man and has been very welcoming and kind in any dealings I’ve had with him.

John very kindly contacted me following the deaths of my parents and I appreciated that very much.  He’s a reassuring presence and I’ve no doubt he’ll bring much goodness and hope to all with whom he lives and to whom he ministers.  His new base will be in Georgia.

The staff here organised a BBQ on Wednesday last to celebrate his new venture and wish him well on his way.  They presented him with a remote controlled “sailing boat” – to help him re-adjust to the waters!!  I think he’ll be dealing with slightly larger boats and submarines but it was a humorous gift!!  The joke wasn’t missed.

Including a few photos below.  I hope those featured don’t mind!!

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