Decided to pay a visit to Glendalough yesterday.  Finished afternoon talk here in Kiltegan and, the evening being good, thought it a good place to go for a while.  The evening was lovely as I set out and GOOGLE MAPS assured me I was on the “fastest route”.  That may well have been the case but it was also a nerve-wrecking route!  Pinnacle View led onto the Wicklow Way and after many pullings-in to let cars pass in the opposite direction, I emerged on a road that said Glendalough was 3KM away.  So it was.  The day had changed alas, and the sky was quite overcast.

It was quiet there and I easily got parking and crossed the little style into Glendalough.  I’d say it’s nearly thirty years since I was there. I remember going with two of my Maynooth classmates for a visit during our final year in the seminary.  I remember us praying some of the Breviary together in the “cathedral”.

Anyway, I wandered around for a while and said a prayer or two.  All in all, glad I went and will do again some day and won’t leave it as long.


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