Happy New Year

It’s New Year’s Eve and seems appropriate to wish you all a very Happy, Peaceful and Blessed New Year.  Resolutions?  We’ll not get bogged down in those.  Let’s just keep doing what we’ve been doing right, seek to put distance between us and the wrong we do and wish people well. 

Thanks for visiting the blog in the past twelve months.  We’ve covered a bit of ground and hopefully will have the chance to cover some more in the year ahead.  Thanks to Tom Shiel (Connaught Telegraph) for picking up on this blog and giving it a bit of publicity.  I was on the back page of a newspaper and, thanfully not in the “death notices” section so that’s not bad 🙂

It’s been a difficult year in many ways and there’s been a lot of doom and gloom in the air.  It would be mighty to bid farewell to that but, I suspect, that won’t happen in the blink of an eye or the second hand meeting the hour and minute hands at the stroke of midnight.  We have hope though and we’ll be all right.

Keep in touch!



  1. Happy New Year Vincent,

    Bernie Corcoran.

  2. Jeanie and Corky

    Happy New Year Vincent to you and your Dad and to all the Sherlocks! We wish you health and happiness and a song to sing. Just returned from snowy Boston. Actually went sledding with the little ones today – fool that I am at my age! Returned via Amtrack and rode with C&G as far as New York. Our Christmas holiday was wonderful and we truly thank God for all his blessings of which you are one! Talk soon, J&C

  3. Happy New Year, Vincent! Your photos of Kilmovee covered in snow were lovely. Enjoy your blog, very uplifting!
    Patricia Regan

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