He was class ….

I was so sorry to hear of Ronnie Corbett’s death.  May he rest in peace.  What memories that little man holds for all of us.  Together with the “other Ronnie”, he brought much laughter to us all in a way that was as appropriate as it was funny.  No screaming or agendas, no tearing down of people to secure a cheap laugh.  Mighty stuff.  I loved his monalogues at the end of the shows, when he’d sit in a chair that made him look even smaller than he was and tell a wandering story that had a millisecond punchline and four mile walk to reach it!  Excellent.  I think he inspired many comedians of our day, people like Peter Kay and Rob Brydon come to mind, who manage to make us laugh without making us cringe too.  God bless him, comfort his family and grant him Eternal Rest.  Going to search now for a few clips that will be easily found when I need to bit of a lift.  For a small man, he carried many and lifted them on high ….

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