Hecklers in the crowd and hurlers on the ditch

This week’s Gospel passage brings centre stage again that great story of the Good Samaritan.  We would all like to be the man who does the right thing by the one left thrown on the side of the road.  Alas, all too often we are numbered with those who “pass by on the other side”.  Sometimes though, and thankfully, we get it right.  Recorded the few words at today’s Mass.  Not sure I’ll always do this.  Actually I am certain I won’t but a kind comment last week suggested it might be good to do from time to time so another go this week!!


The scene from the West Wing that I mention is (like most things) available on YouTube



  1. Fr Vincent. I too love to “hear” your words and song – it is almost as good as being at your Mass ! I do hope you will continue to put it on your lovely new Blog. Otherwise I will just continue to “read” your blog.
    It is so kind of you to bring back many happy memories of people and places – Coolavin, Mrs Spelman, Mary Corcoran, Johnny Cash etc.
    Don’t forget to put on any TED TALK you find of interest.
    God Bless you for sharing so much with so many. x x

  2. Powerful message.!! ……………Thank you………….R & K

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