Heritage Night

A short recitation by Martin Frain – filmed at the Heritage Night in Kilmovee Community Centre on the vigil of St Brigid’s Day.  Martin is well known for penning pieces like this. 


  1. I came across your blog and was reading it when I saw this entry. Martin Frain is a family name in my family. They came from Ballaghaderreen. I’ve been trying to connect my relations for a while and still have cousins there, Padraic Lavin of the Gem House. Hanoria Frain married a John Higgins I believe sometime in the 1860’s. And her brothers were Martin Frain and Thomas Frain. They emigrated to America, Yonkers, New York to be exact before 1870. She also had a sister, I believe, Bridget. I’m sure it has become very annoying, all these American’s tracing their family and trying to find records and documents so I hope I am not imposing. I have been trying to connect this family for 15 years and when I saw Mr. Frain’s name on your blog I had to say something. Anyway, I have enjoyed reading your blog posts and I would like to express my condolences for the loss of your father and uncle.

    • Thanks for your kind comments and words of condolence. The Martin Frain mentioned here lives in Kilmovee. I know Padraic Lavin all right. I worked in Ballaghaderreen Parish for a number of years. Sadly I’m not able to throw any light on your search. I take it you have contacted Ballaghaderreen Parish. You will find details for the parish on http://www.achonrydiocese.org God Bless, Vincent

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