Into last full day

Day has begun with a group of women who are involved in promoting the protection of women against male violence and femocide.   It is estimated that 90% of women have experiences of violence at the instigation of men. 

In 1991 the group designed and patented a solar powered oven. To this day, they manufacture and sell these to support their work. 

Gratitude to Trocaire for support. This has helped extend the work to children and to schools, with a view towards prevention. Lot of work with people preparing for marriage .

Working with schools the group has discovered that children explain what they have learned and share how they will implement it. They do this through writing poetry and drama. 

In the past many NGOs worked with women only but this group believes in wider outreach.

Their Projects include:

 1. Violence against women

 2. Food safety

 3. Monitoring infants’ weight development. They wantto increase to 5 year olds

 4. Protection of nature

 5. Protection of water sources

If woman is dependant on man, this leads to violence. Hence the need for education.

They have widened their involvement from women only to husbands, children and schools. Their belief is the power of education to improve the plight of women. They also work with couples preparing for marriage. 

One of their chief concerns is around the high degree of impunity shown in cases where husbands kill their wives. This rate is as high as 93%. 

They have conducted a survey but had limited support, by way of practical help, from the police. They will be presenting the results of their survey later this month. 

Trocaire is among the partners offering financial support to this group of advocates. 

Quoting from some of their own experiences it became clear this is a group of committed human rights defenders. 

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