“It’s my birthday ….” (Mr Bean)

Today is my birthday!  I’m a year now for every week of the year 🙂  Thinking of Mary and Bill (R.I.P.) and thankful they gave me the gift of life.  Thankful too, for family and friends – to those who got in touch today – and to all who give me the reason “to be”.

I spoke a while ago with some friends in Washington and they asked “did you do anything special for your birthday?”  My initial answer was “no” but that’s not altogether the case.  I spoke and spent time with people that matter to me, celebrated Mass in the parish (three times this weekend) and witnessed faith and goodness in action.

It’s difficult at times to realise life is moving at such a pace. Though decades have passed, I feel pretty much the same as I ever felt and am, in the main, content with life.  There are certainly times I wish I could say I was doing better work. I read a few pieces from Pope Francis this week and he spoke about not “leaving Jesus in the Church” but bringing him with us into day to day life and situations.  I sometimes wonder how I’m doing with that.  He also talked about reaching out to those who have “lapsed” from the Faith and, again, I question my success in that regard.

So then, if you’re reading this today (or in the days to come), say a little prayer for me that in the coming year I might prove more effective in this regard.

Thanks to all of you for your kindness and your prayers.  I can only hope you know how much I appreciate, acknowledge and, above all, need them.

So, let’s share Mr Bean’s Birthday moment …. I’ll read my cards and texts again 🙂



  1. Happy birthday… I enjoy your blog very much….

  2. Siobhan Sullivan

    Happy birthday Father Vincent hope you had a lovely day! Love from the Sullivans xx

  3. Happy Birthdsy

  4. Happy Burthday Father! I hope your year is full of blessings and joy!

  5. Happy Birthday from Minnesota, Father Sherlock! I hope you have had a wonderful day!

  6. Fr. V…..A very Happy Birthday !……You ARE an inspiration,……….keep going……always in our prayers……..K&R

  7. Belated birthday greetings to a dear cousin! Hope you had a nice day!
    Mary Goldrick O’Neill

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