“Just married” …..

I celebrated today (August 12th) with my cousin Lauren Gaffney and Jeremy Sternberg as they married in St Agnes’ Cathedral, Rockville Centre.  It was a lovely gathering of family and friends.  I was happy to be part of it and wish them every happiness and blessing as they start out on the journey of marriage.  May God bless them and keep them ever close and loyal to each other.

Later we went to the Bridgeview Yacht Club for Jeremy and Lauren’s reception.  It was a lively affair with such a huge variety of food on offer.  I had to go for a walk to stop myself eating!!  Okay, I didn’t rush into the walk but I DID go!  I took some photos outside the reception that give a flavour of the day and place.  A few indoors as well, from First Dance to evening’s end.  I met some McDonnell cousins there too and it was good to catch up with them.

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  1. Dear Vincent,
    Once again, thank you for marrying Lauren and Jeremy. You always make a special day even more special. We love when you visit and all of our friends and family enjoy your company. You add that extra special something.
    John and Diane

  2. Dear Cousin,

    It was wonderful to visit with you at the wedding. Thank you for all of your helpful tips for my very first trip to Ireland. It really is something that I have dreamed about for my entire life – and the fact that you could tell me so much about our family makes the adventure even more meaningful. I look forward to seeing the “40 Shades of Green” as I fly in over Shannon.


    Terry (McDonnell) Ganley

  3. Hi Vincent! The wedding looks lovely. Any Boston plans? Let me know, we would love to see you. xoxo Fran

  4. Lauren Gaffney Sternberg

    Hi Vincent,
    Jeremy and I can not thank you enough for performing our wedding ceremony. You have such a way with words and made everyone feel a part of the ceremony. And I love how I never know what you will start singing next! It was such a special day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Lauren and Jeremy

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