Lent 2014

A few years ago I had a book published on the Stations of the Cross.  Recently someone asked me would I consider putting them on the blog so maybe this is the time to do that.  They’re called “The Enchanted Way”.  I hope you enjoy them.  If you’ve seen them  before, take another look and if it’s your first time, I hope they help you to journey along “HIS” Enchanted Way.

The Stations of The Cross are fourteen windows through which we catch glimpses of the sufferings of Christ.  More than that, however, they call us to see beyond the obvious and to find the present day faces that reflect this suffering.  They are at their best when they urge us to respond with Veronica of the Sixth Station, the Women of the Eighth and the Good Thief who is to be found somewhere in the Eleventh.

In the reflections that follow, we will meet the face of Christ in the face of a teenager, an alcoholic, a young student, an elderly woman and many others.

The Enchanted Way


  1. Vincent, we used your ‘Enchanted Way’ Stations in Lucan this Good Friday and the feedback was very very good. Thank you for them, they are prayerful and thought provoking. Philip Curran

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