Let the pictures speak

Over the few days in Honduras I took photos.  I’ve already shared some of them in previous posts.  I’m going to include a good few of them here now, without words, since photos tell their own story.  I won’t mention Honduras or Trocaire again until Lent 2017.  So this is it!!

Meeting with a youth group and its leaders

A village visited

Short video clip of the only road allowing access to this village.  When the floods rise this road becomes totally impassible.

Shores and homes

Sharing Sunday Eucharist

Community Concerns

Should be Paradise


Farmers, farming, food and life

So that’s it!  Many others took photos too and chances are I am in a few of them.  These were from the other side of the lens.  They don’t tell the full story but I’d like to think give a flavour of the places we visited, the people we met and the stories we heard.  If there are sounds to accompany these photos, they might include, laughter, bits of music from time to time, an odd song, sadness in people’s voices as they related stories of fear, intimidation and uncertainty for their future, hope, solidarity, purpose, water and always welcomes with the sharing of food and kindness.

Someone jokingly asked if I’d be on next year’s Trocaire Box!  The answer is no.  The little girl who will be on it is found in these photos.  I’d like to think that come Lent 2017 my heart will be in the Trocaire Box and that I can encourage people to maintain that level of generosity that comes so naturally to the people of Ireland and that I now see the necessity for in a way, truth told, I had not fully grasped until this week.

Thanks for sharing these days with me and allowing me share them with you in the words written and the photos taken.

Thanks also to the group I was honoured to be part of: from Trocaire; Kevin and Anna, from the dioceses of Ireland, Rose, Claudine, Eddie, Damian, Dominic and Paul, from Trocaire in Central America; Harvé, Alexis, Santiago and Kristian, members of the “partner” NGO’s we met, our bus drivers and all who cared for and welcomed us.

God bless the work.  God bless the world.


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