Lodged in my account

Did you ever get one of those emails asking you to share your bank details so that someone can lodge a few million euro in your account and, in return, will give you a percentage of the fund?

What brought that on?  You might well ask.  I received another one on Friday night.  The poor girl’s dad has died but he left her $9million and if I can send her a letter, inviting her to come and live here, she will lodge the funds to my own account and give me 20% for my trouble.

It’s deleted of course but you wonder why people keep sending these messages and the answer lies in the truth that some people  respond.  Even one in a few thousand must make it all worthwhile.

We are warned not to engage with scams like this and to be vigilant.  I noticed a message along theses lines on kilmovee.info during the week and on the twitter account. It was about people   calling and asking “Can you hear me?” and if you say “Yes” the caller tries to scam you.  I shared the warning because I’d hate to think of people being caught out in a scam, selling them false promises.  We are, and rightly so, quick to warn people in this way.

Why then are we so slow to heed the Lord’s warnings to avoid sin and temptation?  Why do we not feel the need to warn?  Sin, it’s worth remembering, is a scam too - it offers a quick fix but its costs are often hidden and always very high.

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