p1040637Hello there!

I’ve been in Mullaghmore the past few days.  An Advent Retreat in the Star Of The Sea Retreat Centre is the reason I’m here.  The group was small, six and a few joined us from time to time, but I’m glad to have had the few days with them.  I had good memories of staying here last year and walking the “loop” and had hoped to do so again.  Unfortunately I picked up a cold in recent days and it sort of flaked me a bit.  The result, no walk but I’ll survive!

Just had the final talk with the group and will shortly celebrate Eucharist before heading home.  I spoke to the group just now about Verbs in the Christmas Story – “Listen”, “Let’s GO and SEE”, “They DID him homage”, “Mary TREASURED these things in her heart” – verbs call for action and action is in response to something – someone.  God’s call.

Talked a bit about being happy in your space and knowing that you make a difference there.  I’d hope we can be grateful for the difference we make and grateful too for the places we live and the people that surround us.

I’m only saying!!

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