My father kept bees …

But I don’t like honey:)  Just came across this video on another website and think it’s buzzing (sorry!!) – very cool …


  1. Those were the days !

  2. Freddie (casey/wims)

    Hi father Vincent, yes I know your dad kept bees and probably grandfather too. We as children were very privileged to have had some of the honey back in the 1950’s. My father would ramble down to your house and on occasions would come back with a “honeycomb.” I loved honey then and still do. Memory’s!!
    Hope you are well and enjoying the summer.

  3. A fascinating video. Our mutual friend the late Fr Frank Gallagher kept bees as did the late Fr Peter Blowick, brother of Columban Co-founder Fr John Blowick. Fr Peter taught us philosophy in Dalgan.

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