Not my story but ….

Tonight we think of the woman healed in the crowd.  I’ve often thought that a tour guide in the Holy Land could point out the field where that happened but only the woman herself could take you to the exact spot in the field!  Finding Jesus, becoming aware of healing is precious and the point of contact remains just that, a point of contact.  The following story (author unknown) makes the point well.

Here is a beautiful old story about Zacchaeus, the tax collector. It tells how in later years, he rose early every morning and left his house. His wife, curious, followed him one morning. At the town well he filled a bucket… And he walked until he came to a sycamore tree. There, setting down the bucket, he began to clean away the stones, the branches, and the rubbish from around the base of the tree. Having done that, he poured water on the roots and stood there in silence, gently caressing the trunk with both of his hands. When his amazed wife came out of hiding and asked what he was doing, Zacchaeus replied simply, “This is where I found Christ.” I can just imagine that for the rest of their lives, that woman who touched the tassel of Jesus’ robe that day on the street… and the daughter of Jairus who was raised up in that room in her home, continually brought people back to those sacred spots and said, “This is where I found Christ! This is where Christ loved me into life!”

Do you have a sacred spot like that? This is the Good News of our Christian faith, isn’t it? Love has the power to heal, to reconcile, and to redeem.

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