Old photos and fresh memories

Earlier today I went through old photos I have on a hard drive.  It’s amazing how many photos I’ve taken over the years.  Need to sit down sometime and seriously go through them, delete and sort. That’s one of the downsides of digital photos, I tend to move them from the camera to some form of storage or delete them.  Few ever make it to hard copies and if they do, it’s often just on ordinary paper that fades in time.  There’s something nice about going through old albums that isn’t quite the same in the digital world.

I found many pictures of my parents – quite a number taken in the latter months of my mother’s life, R.I.P.  A few video clips too.  I watched one of them but they’re a bit of a tug on the emotions so I didn’t dwell.  I got my mother (a life long Pioneer) to talk about her short-lived romance with Babycham!!  She thought it was a soft drink and enjoyed many bottles en route from Dublin!!  Of course that stopped when she found out there was alcohol involved.  A lifelong Pioneer of course!!

I found one of Mary and Bill in the Nursing home – well two really but she had a nice smile in one of them.  I liked it.  The other had my father’s hands included and he was holding a bag of jelly sweets. They weren’t for himself.  He figured she liked them and brought her a pack each evening. In fairness, he seldom had to bring the bag home!!

Anyway, thought I’d share this photo.  I added a little quote from James Joyce that a friend sent to me on a sympathy card after my father died.

God rest the dead.  God bless the memories.  Thank God for photos!



  1. No need for any more words – I think James Joyce said it all !

  2. Mary Goldrick O'Neill

    Vincent Thanks for posting the photo of Mary. It brings back lovely memories. Of course going down memory lane brings its share of tears too, but Mary and Bill are looking down on us and are probably having a laugh ! Mary

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