On the button!

Today’s Old Testament reading is one of those that asks for a bit of a “selfie”.  A long hard look at how we’re measuring up …

My son, do not refuse a kindness to anyone who begs it,
  if it is in your power to perform it.
Do not say to your neighbour, ‘Go away! Come another time!
  I will give it you tomorrow’, if you can do it now.
Do not plot harm against your neighbour
  as he lives unsuspecting next door.
Do not pick a groundless quarrel with a man
  who has done you no harm.
Do not emulate the man of violence,
  never model your conduct on his;
for the wilful wrong-doer is abhorrent to the Lord,
  who confides only in honest men.
The Lord’s curse lies on the house of the wicked,
  but he blesses the home of the virtuous.
He mocks those who mock,
  but accords his favour to the humble.
(Proverbs 3:27-34)

And one thing leads you to another!  Listening to Glen Campbell reminds me of him and, more importantly of his illness.  He is living with Alzheimers Disease and our thoughts are with him and those caring for him. Just came across this wonderful live version of the song above

and that led to this one …

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