It’s been a week for photos – that’s about as good as the snow gets.  I really think Bing Crosby was on something when he was dreaming of a “White Christmas”.  I’d settle for a green one any day.  That said, the snow makes for some nice photos ….  Took these on Sunday last

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  1. Hi Fr, Great photos and also love the other post on “Playing for change”Your site allways gives me some inspiration, thinking of you has I make some clam chowder…

    • Paul, thanks for the comment. I’ve tried the chowder and it went fairly okay. Can’t get clams here though so went more for a sort of seafood job!! Hope all’s well. Regards to all at the kitchen table. V

  2. Oh to be in Kilmovee (and Ireland) when the snow is here! I love the snow and your photos are just magical – you capture the beauty so well, as usual.

  3. Freddie, good to hear from you. Glad you liked the photos. Make sure to give us a call when you get home. Things bad on the roads right not but hopefully not for much longer. V

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