Pleasant evening

Edmond Molloy, Los Angeles and Mullaghroe!

Edmond Molloy, Los Angeles and Mullaghroe!

On Friday evening I met with Edmond Molloy, a native of Mullaghroe now resident in Los Angeles and with my cousin Seán McDonnell. Edmond had arranged the meeting and I was happy to be able to join them both. We had a lovely dinner in “The Moorings”, Knockvicar (a first for me) and the company was equally pleasing. Edmond has a wonderful sense of place and his memories of my grandparents (and their generation) are always lovely to hear.

Equally Seán has a deepened sense of history and family that takes me to places I’d otherwise not travel! Thanks to you both!

It’s always good to spend time with people.  I’m amazed how many people Edmond gets to visit when he comes “home”.  That’s what he enjoys, catching up with people and I can identify with that.

Edmond had told me before and repeated it on Friday that he checks this blog every day. He feels it connects him with home and, I’ve said it before too, that makes it all worthwhile.

Thanks to him and all who check in from time to time!

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