She has something to say ….

Why this video?

Recently I became aware of TED LECTURES. Though they may be on the go for sometime, it was only when someone pointed them out to me that I began to check from time to time. Some are funny, many are very deep and others are thought provoking. I'd number this one in the final category. Like all of us, the name Monica Lewinsky is well known to me. I haven't given her much thought in years and, in a strange way, I'm happy about that since she deserves that space. In this piece, she speaks about breaking her silence. I have no reason to believe she is doing it out of any spite or for personal gain. She says nothing negative about anyone, not least the other half of her story. Rather she is addressing the use of the internet to inflict pain on people "cyber-bullying" as it is called. She calls above all for compassion. I've watched this more than once and will do so again. In the spirit of wanting to share with you bits and pieces that I find helpful, I post this video here. It's just over twenty minutes but I believe it's worth that investment of time. Let me know what you think and, even if you don't, just THINK! Vincent

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