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At this year’s Urlaur Pattern Mass we included a “Ceremony of Naming and Remembering” men and women of the parish who had entered religious life.  We included Diocesan Priests as well as Religious.  For some weeks we had sought from parishioners names of relatives, neighbours and friends who they knew who had become priests, brothers or sisters.  We received in excess of 100 names.  Though it’s certain there are others whose names we did not receive we were proud to be able to name and remember so many from our Parish who sought to answer God’s call.  It is possible that not all of these remained in religious life but the truth of their “Yes” is what we sought to recall in Urlaur.  It was a very moving and special moment in the tradition that is The Urlaur Pattern.  Some people have requested this list be made available.  We are happy to include it here.  If you know of other names that should be included, please let us know and we will, in time, update this record.

Fr Anthony Bones, Stonepark

Sr Eilzabeth Bones, Esker

Sr Monica Bones, Stonepark

Sr Agatha Brett, Liscosker

Sr Bosco Cafferkey, Culgarriff

Sr Brigid Cafferkey, Tullgranny

Sr Gerard Cafferkey, Carrowbeg

Sr Margarget Cafferkey, Tullgranny

Bro Conrad Callaghan, Raherolish

Bro Peter Callaghan, Culclare

Sr Mary Gabriel Cassidy, Cahelahenny

Sr Aidan Caulfield, Carralackey

Sr Celestine Conway, Ballyglass

Bro Nathy Costello, Ballyglass

Fr Padraig Costello, Culmore

Fr JT Cribben, Carrowbeg

Sr Teresa Doherty, Ballyglass

Sr Annie Duffy, Culclare

Bro Declan Duffy, Clooncara

Fr Dominic Duffy, Ballyglass

Sr Eucharia Duffy, Glann

Sr Francis Duffy, Glann

Sr Francis (Katie) Duffy, Clooniron

Fr John C Duffy, Clooncara

Fr Kevin Duffy, Kilkelly

Sr Margaret Duffy, Glann

Fr Michael Duffy, Clooncara

Sr Monica Duffy, Clooncara

Sr Winifred Duffy, Kilmovee

Sr Bernardine Dunleavy, Glann

Sr Brigid Dunleavy, Kilkelly

Fr Louis Dunleavy, Sinolane

Sr Alphonus Egan, Tavrane

Sr Assumpta Flannery, Kilkelly

Sr Freda Flannery, Kilkelly

Fr James Flannery, Kilkelly

Sr Ursula Flannery, Kilkelly

Sr Bridie Foley, Barcul

Sr Kathleen Foley, Barcul

Sr Rose Foley, Barcul

Bro Bonaventure Frain, Rusheens

Sr Catherine Frain, Rusheens

Sr Mary Frain, Rusheens

Fr Tom Freyne, Culcastle

Fr John Griffin, Culclare

Sr Enda Harrington, Glann

Sr Mary Harrington, Glann

Sr Patricia Hayden, Culcastle

Fr Joseph Henry, Cloonamna

Sr Aidan Higgins, Culliagh

Sr Mary Joseph Higgins, Ballyglass

Sr Melanie Higgins, Culmore

Fr John Hunt, Sraheens

Sr Foncia Kearns, Rusheens

Fr John P Kelly, Kilkelly

Sr Baptist Kenny, Carralackey

Sr Gabriel Kenny, Carralackey

Sr Lena Kerins, Derrylahan

Fr James Lafferty, Ballyglass

Sr Rose Lafferty, Ballyglass

Fr Dominic Lydon, Shammar

Sr Eileen Lydon, Gowlaune

Sr Evelyn McDonnell, Cullgarriff

Sr Mary McDonnell, Cullgarriff

Sr Mary Walter McDonnell, Cullgarriff

Sr Ellie Mullen, Ballinrumpa

Sr Marie Mullen, Ballinrumpa

Fr Tim Mullen, Ballyglass

Fr Michael Murphy, Kilkelly

Sr Fulgentia (Nora) Nyland, Urlaur

Fr Fintan O’Beirne, Barcul

Fr Oliver O’Beirne, Barcul

Sr Jospehine O’Gara, Culliagh

Sr Rita O’Grady, Culmore

Fr Dan O’Mahony, Magheraboy

Fr Stephen O’Mahony, Magheraboy

Bro James Phillips, Urlaur

Sr Magdalen Phillips, Urlaur

Sr Mary Phillips, Urlaur

Sr Alphonsus Regan, Glann

Sr Angela Regan, Cloonamna

Sr Anne Regan, Egool

Sr Catherine Regan, Egool

Sr Eileen Regan, Egool

Sr Ita Kate Regan, Sraheens

Sr Mary Joseph Regan (Townland not given)

Bro Patrick Regan, Sraheens

Fr Patrick Sharkey, O.P. (Urlaur Abbey)

Sr Breedge Shiel, Kilkelly

Fr Brendan Shiel, Kilkelly

Fr Joe Shiel, Kilkelly

Sr Mary Jane Shiel, Kilkelly

Sr Maud Shiel, Kilkelly

Sr Muriel Shiel, Kilkelly

Sr Nany Shiel, Kilkelly

Fr Peter Shiel, Kilkelly

Sr Una Shiel, Kilkelly

Sr Cormac Shiels, Kilkelly

Sr Marie Theresa Shiels, Kilkelly

Sr Cecil Tarpey, Kilkelly

Fr James Tarpey, Kilkelly

Sr Kitty Tarpey, Kilkelly

Bro Timothy Tarpey, Kilkelly

Fr Dominic Towey, Aughadeffin

Sr Mary Oswald (Ann) Towey, Aughadeffin

Fr James Walsh, Tavrane

Sr Stanislaus Walsh, Tavrane

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