St Mel’s

Earlier today, I visited St Mel’s Cathedral in Longford.  Like many, I had seen images and the fine documentary presented by RTE’s Ciaran Mullooly but the reality of the place outshone all images and imagination!  A true credit to all involved.  I had the added bonus of meeting Bishop Colm O’Reilly and Bishop Ray Browne as I was heading into the cathedral.  Bishop Colm came in with me and shared a few thoughts around the work done.  I was happy to be able to congratulate him, since I know the Cathedral and Longford hold a special place in his heart and ministry. I also met Fr Tom Healy, Adm in the Cathedral and congratulated him on a job well done.  The right man for the hour.

I took a few photos to add to the countless images already on line but these are mine!  They speak to me of a visit to a very special space and place.  I’m glad this work has been done and full credit to all involved.

I was struck by the Stations of The Cross and, in particular, by the places still to be filled by some of the Stations. There’s room for thought there – where am I, where are you to be found in these Stations? The one below, for example, the Ninth Station – Jesus falls for the third time – where are we in that fall?  Where are we in our own falls?

2015-02-05 16.13.16

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  1. Beautiful pictures,will have to visit st. Mels next time I am in Ireland.

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