St Patrick’s Day Parade

I went into Ballaghaderreen earlier to the annual St Patrick’s Day Parade.  There was a great turnout of people and of participants in the parade.  Well done to all involved.  I brought the camera and took a few photos.  Well “few” is a bit of an understatement.  When I came home and put them on the computer I realised I’d taken 411 🙂  There was nothing for it other than whittle them down a bit.  That done, they’re posted on YouTube in four clips so if you have an interest, dip in and out of them.  If not, no problem – Happy St Patrick’s Day. Below is a compilation of them all with “Through the eyes of an Irishman” sung by Dominic Kirwin.

This is a version of the video on Vimeo


  1. Nice pictures

  2. Well done V. You definitely have a gift when it comes to photography as well as many other gifts

  3. One of the disadvantages of being in the parade is you miss lot of the “action” therefore great to see the pictures of the parade! Would love to show the Derrinabroc children this in school but unfortunately you tube is blocked on our server! Is the video on vimeo??
    Good job Vincent
    Dermot D

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