Still here!!

Anyone out there???

Anyone out there???

It seems like ages since I’ve written anything here.

What’s even more of a question, if not a bit worrying is that nobody seems to have noticed!!!

Will get back to it in the coming days.  Hope all’s going well for all who might wander here (though I’m wondering am I the only one to visit??)  How sad that would be ……

Chat soon.




    I missed your messages ethna garcia , california

  2. Nancy and Caroline Hunt

    Dear Fr. Sherlock,

    We have noticed in Long Island, New York. We hope you continue your wonderful blog soon. Our day is not complete without “checking in”.

    Nancy and Caroline

  3. Hi Vincent,
    I am a regular reader! I look forward to uour posts!

    Hope all is well.


  4. Vincent greetings hope you are well,enjoying your posts. Best wishes P.J.Gallagher Baldoyle Dublin.

  5. Hi Fr. V. We noticed that you were missing and were about to scramble the “search & rescue ” team !!!! Do check your Blog stats. !!….
    …God Bless….K & R

  6. Good Morning Fr. Vincent. Happy to see you back. Have been missing your daily blog. Please keep it going.
    Take care.

  7. Siobhan Sullivan

    Hi Fr Vincent, just googled you looking for an address and came across this. How fantastic! Will be checking in from now on, hope all is well. Siobhan x

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