Sunday thoughts

Just attended Sunday Mass. a gentle and welcoming priest made us all feel at home. The church was large, unlike the congregation, and the atmosphere one of joy and worship.


The priests in our group; Paul, Eddie, Dominic, Michael and myself concekebrated. The other members together with Trocaire staff were also present for what was an uplifting celebration of Eucharist.

After the Offertory gifts were presented a young couple stood at the foot of the Altar. The man cradled a baby and the priest went to them, took the baby in his arms and raised it to the Heavens and then showed the baby to the congregation. There was a round of applause that was more than the clapping of hands. It was pure welcome. Later we discovered the baby is forty days old and this is the ceremony of presentation.


At the Sign of Peace a small boy ran to the Altar and shook hands with us all. I thought this was an isolated incident and was pleased his parents didn’t feel they had to run after him.  It wasn’t! Every child in the church ran to the Altar and greeted us all. A lovely moment.


Eddie spoke on behalf of the group and, in Spanish, thanked all for the welcome and spoke of Trocaire’s work.

A worthy celebration and glad to be part of it.


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