Talents to the suraface

Just in from Sunday Mass.  I mentioned a version of Makem and Clancy singing “Will you go lassie go” where the audience is asked to become performer, the taker to become giver, the silent to become voiced ….. It’s a lovely moment.  It ties in with today’s Gospel passage of burying the talents.  I believe God wants us to bring out what is within.  The best is to be found in all of us.  It’s just a matter of taking it to the surface.

In this piece, the audience listen to a fine performance but the performers realise there’s more in them than that.  The lines are fed, one by one, and the response (in song) come to life.

I think that’s what Jesus wants from us.  He wants us to realise we already have what it takes.

Makem and Clancy ….. God rest them both ….. the talent lives on

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