Temperatures Rising!

We have Confirmation in the parish today and I'm up a bit (lot) earlier than usual.  I'd love to be able to say it's to pray and hand my day over to the Power of The Holy Spirit and, though I do, that's not the reason I'm up early.

I decided to cook dinner for the bishop and neighbouring priests since it's traditional to meet for a meal after the Ceremony.  I'm happy to do this and hopeful all will go okay.  If this is my "last post" you'll know things didn't go to plan 🙂

The local butcher, much trusted by me, sourced a roast of beef and it's on as we speak. Though I've cooked beef before, I decided to go "on-line" and see could I get any additional tips, not least about cooking and re-heating without doing untold damage.​  I found a site, giving some good advice on preparing the beef.  Recipe fairly straight forward and practical.  

What I was amazed by was not so much the content of the recipe and the suggestions as the comments that followed.  The first comment queried if the "chef" had confused the weight of the meat being cooked.  Fair question I suppose.  What followed was lunacy!​

It went from the different ways Americans and Europeans use weight measurement to an all out war around "Brexit" and leaving Europe.  As I looked, I wondered where did all this come from? People (comment makers) began to insult one another and the beef recipe never featured from about four comments in.​

It makes you wonder!  ​

Ah, that smells good ..... (the beef I mean)  As I think of the comments, the rising temperature and the anger that unleashes itself in the most benign of moments, I'm reminded of my father, R.I.P., who used to say "Keep a cool head"!!​

Was it about beef?

or maybe it was just  ....

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